Monday, October 31, 2011

Donna's Top 5 Tips for Handling the Holidays

Happy Halloween! Whether you get into the "spirit" today or not, it's almost impossible to avoid the candy onslaught that begins in October and persists until February. So, today's a perfect day to take a look at some ways to stay on track with your weight management goals. Here's my Top 5 Tips:

1) Write it down. Even if you're skilled at eating awareness, it's oh-so-easy for a reasonable candy treat to turn into a candy binge. In part, that's why my second tip is...

2) Steer clear of scarcity. One of the most common reasons people get carried away during the holiday season is because they're thinking, "Oh, I'll have just one more handful of candy corn...after all, I won't have them again until next year!" If you really want candy corn in June, you can find it on the Internet year-round. But scarcity isn't the only reason we binge on candy, which is why my third tip is...

3) Manage stress. I'm hosting a small Halloween get-together this evening. In the past, I'd spend the day stressing over how clean my house is, whether the menu is adequate, getting my usual day's work done--and, of course, what costume I should wear! By the time my guests arrived, I'd have already been noshing all day, and I'd spend the night eating candy and mentally berating myself. Not any more! I'm reminding myself that "My friends love me for who I am." And that helps me follow Tip #4:

4) Stay on track. Whenever possible, follow your usual successful routines. Keep in mind you don't have to follow them perfectly. It's okay to shorten your workout time, go to bed an hour later, drink a little less water, and have a piece of candy or two. But sticking as close as possible to your routines will help you both today, and throughout the weeks. If you're struggling to stay on track, here's Tip #5:

5) Get right back on track. Remember, you do not have to do weight management perfectly to do it well! The trick to successful long-term weight management is to get back on track as quickly as possible. That means no harsh self-judgment. Instead, learn from it, then shrug it off and return to what works. Don't forget, if you maintain your weight during the holiday season, you'll be ahead of most Americans.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Food Day 2011

Have you heard about Food Day 2011? Organized by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, this nationwide event is designed to bring together consumers, restaurant owners, lawmakers, and as their Web site notes, "eaters of all stripes," and make a difference in the way we eat. Food Day 2011 is on October 24th. However, events are being held before, on, and after the 24th, so you've still got time to go to Food Day 2011's Web site and see what's happening in your community. Don't forget to come back and let us know what you do to participate!