Weight Loss Class

If you're ready to stop losing weight -- only to find it again -- it's time to discover a lifestyle entirely unlike the ho-hum, same-old diet mentality. Why not learn how to develop a healthy, happy relationship with food and with your body instead? In Lose Weight and Keep It Off, you'll uncover the information, skills, and tools you need to make weight loss happen -- for good! Here are just a few of the course topics:
  • Discover the truth about calories in versus calories out
  • Learn how to make the most of your exercise time
  • Beat mindless eating, boredom eating, and stress eating
  • Find out how sleep affects your weight
  • Uncover the seemingly simple-but-essential skills you need to successfully manage your weight
Because Lose Weight is entirely online, you can log in any time, from anywhere. In addition, you'll enjoy the benefits of an online discussion board, where you can ask me questions and receive support from me and fellow students throughout the course.

Wondering what previous students have had to say about the course? Check out a few of their comments:
  • "I am learning SO MUCH about nutrition, stress, body shape, eating behaviors, water, and basically why I do things and why I need to lose the weight I have put on and how to do it.  All the books I have ever read on dieting doesn't come close to the information I have learned in this course.  Thank you so much."
So, how about it? Are you ready to lose weight -- and keep it off? Why not give yourself the gift of good health and a lifetime of happiness? Just click here for details on Lose Weight and Keep It Off, or to sign up for the next session!

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