About Wellness Raks

Welcome! Wellness Raks began as a way to continue the adventures students begin in my online classes Luscious, Low-Fat, Lightning-Quick Meals and Lose Weight and Keep It Off. Here you can continue to share your culinary and weight loss successes, challenges, questions, and experiences. If you're interested, then the home page is here for you! So, please don't be shy...post away!

Wellness Raks is also where you'll enjoy regular updates on healthy cooking and weight management. I do my best to post a new recipe every month. I also post monthly on a timely topic relating to nutrition or weight management. That means Wellness Raks is the place to continue eating healthfully and enjoying every bite, and continue to lose weight and keep it off!

Wellness Raks used to be the home of Middle Eastern dance troupe Desert Gypsies, which was the inspiration for this BlogSpot's name ("raks" means "dance" in Arabic). In addition to being a registered dietitian, I'm also a professional Middle Eastern dancer, choreographer, and troupe director. Desert Gypsies have recently graduated to their own BlogSpot, freeing up my focus here to healthy eating, happy living, and successful weight management.


  1. Hi Donna, Love your blog! We would love for you to be a guest speaker at our Internal medicine office in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Please contact us at 909-466-8446, Thank You!! Mital Shah MMS, PA-C

    1. Hello Mital! Thank you for your kind words. I've called your office several times, but haven't been able to connect with you. Perhaps email or text would be a better way to connect? Thanks!