Cooking Class

Have you ever wished you had a personal chef preparing healthy, delicious meals for you? That chef can be you! It doesn't matter if you barely know how to boil water. In just six short weeks, and entirely from the comfort of your own home, you can learn how to prepare dozens of healthy recipes that taste like fried rice, macaroni and cheese, smashed potatoes, and key lime pie. Best of all, you'll get out of the kitchen in record time!

Pasta Carbonara -- all the flavor, without all the fat!
But you'll learn far more than how to prepare a few select recipes. You'll learn nutrition and cooking knowledge that will make it easy to change up your own favorite recipes. You'll discover tips and tricks that speed up planning, shopping, and clean-up. You'll definitely save money eating at home instead of eating out. You might even lose weight! Join the thousands of students who have discovered that healthy home cooking can be easy, fast, and flavorful. In their own words:

"This course was full of so much information, not just low fat meals. It was a well-rounded cooking course with many helpful time-saving tips to make cooking easy and enjoyable. Thanks!" 
"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and have added a lot of the content into my everyday cooking. Thanks so much for offering it!"
Quick and easy "Fried" Rice -- much healthier than Chinese takeout!
So, how about it? Are you ready to eat healthfully -- and enjoy every bite? Just click here to learn more about Luscious, Low-fat, Lightning-Quick Meals, or to register for the next session!

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