Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year...New You?

It's the time of year when my blog post topics turn to thoughts of explaining how it's better to develop SMART goals, instead of resolutions. However, my thoughts have been hijacked this January, after a cluster of seemingly unrelated situations occurred. Although there was no relationship between the events, all of the events had one thing in common. That thing happens to be closely related to SMART goals, so although this is a different take on January, I hope pondering this thought briefly will be as useful to you as it's been to me lately.

One of the things that happened led me to pay closer attention to how automatic my thoughts are in certain situations. When I've been conscious of my thoughts, and deliberately chosen to reframe my thoughts as necessary, it's almost overwhelming how successful my efforts have been.

My reframing efforts have highlighted one critical truth: If you can't figure out what your part in something is, you've got trouble. It's only when we can identify what we're doing wrong that we can take steps to do it right. If you're in the habit of finger-pointing elsewhere, then you're at the mercy of those at whom you point.

This is a basic life truth with myriad applications, but when it comes to weight management, it's especially true. If you can't follow through on physical activity, healthy eating, sleep, or any other element of weight management because someone else is keeping you from doing what you need to do, you're stuck. It's only when you assume responsibility for things that you have any real power to do things differently.

As you contemplate your goals for this new year, I encourage you to keep these thoughts in mind. Tackling those areas where you tend to blame others for how things are going, and finding your part in those situations or relationships, can go a long way toward helping you reach your weight management goals!

Can you relate? Whether you're struggling to find your part in a particular challenge, or if you've overcome an obstacle by taking responsibility for your part in it, let us know by posting your perspective.